Vision, Mission & Values

  • We are building a world where people have meaningful lives of their own choosing within their communities

  • We partner with people, organizations, and systems to lay the foundations for transformational change


  • To work in partnership to create communities where all persons:​

  • Live surrounded and supported by strong meaningful relationships

  •  Have control over the resources available to support them

  • Contribute to their community through their gifts and talents

  • Have access to support agencies that demonstrate respect by truly listening

  • Communities where large systems work collaboratively to support this vision


We continually seek to deliver services which:

  • Promote the dignity of all people

  • Are effective, useful and make a difference

  • Impact all levels of the system


We practice what we ask others to do:

  • Continuously seek to learn and act on what we have learned.

  • Work in partnerships with each other and those who hire us.

  • Base all interactions on an abiding respect for the value of all people.

We act as good stewards by

  • providing value to our customers

  • efficiently and effectively managing our resources, including time, materials and funds


We work hard to earn the trust of our customers and all people whom our work impacts.