Discovery Skills: Like & Admire –
Talk To and Listen To


To learn what to include in the section of the plan that introduces the person and to learn who is more likely to know what is Important To the person (who to listen to as opposed to who to talk to). Plans and other documents that describe a person should begin with what we like and admire about the person rather than what is wrong with them. And when we are talking with the people who are to contribute to the plan we need to be able to sort those people who have a personal connection from those who only have a paid relationship.



When you are talking with people who have been identified as among those who should contribute to a plan, ask them:

1. What do you like about it…

2. What do you admire about it…

3. When was the last time you had fun together…

Listen for someone who shares things they like and admire you would expect to hear about people without disabilities labels of the same age. Where their responses indicate that they have a personal relationship and respect the person, use their answers in the like and admire section of the plan and ask them additional discovery questions.