Person Centered Care aims to ensure that the older adult with dementia is an equal partner in their care. Key components are:

respect and holism;

power and empowerment;

choice and autonomy;

empathy and compassion.

(, 2015)

SDA empowers and supports the systems and organizations that support people to learn how to effectively listen to each person, change their structures and processes based on what they learn, work in effective partnerships with other agencies and make the best use of the resources available.

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Tanya Richmond shares "I recently had the opportunity and honor to talk about person centered practices and person centered services and supports in the US. The best part was getting to interview my friend, Kenneth Giannotti and Heather LaTorra of Marrakech, Inc. The links for both Spotify and Apple Podcasts are below. In addition to being one of the best friends a person could have, Kenny is also insightful about what makes for a good life and how person centered practices helps those in support roles listen for what matters most. I'd be delighted if you'd listen to our podcast.

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